ABOUT Bråtens

100% Norwegian

The history of Bråtens

Bråtens fabrikker AS, Eskimo was founded in 1955. The story began with deliveries of socks to the Norwegian Armed Forces, and later deliveries to both the Swedish and Danish armies, including the Greenland Sirius Dog Sled Patrol. The socks were produced and marketed under the brand name Eskimo.

Eventually, the Eskimo range was expanded to include sweaters, jackets, hats and mittens. The Icelander is still a very popular garment, along with many other beautiful sweaters with patterns true to Norwegian knitting traditions.

In the mid-2000s, we started producing merino wool underwear. Wool from the merino sheep has other properties and is better suited for thermal clothing than wool from the Norwegian sheep.

Our wool garments fit just as well at work as in leisure time.


For Bråtens fabrikker AS, Eskimo has been a hallmark of quality, but with new norms and a society in development, it is time for a new way of thinking.

A few years ago, when Loxy AS took over Bråtens Fabrikker AS, Eskimo, we also started the work of re-profiling the brand. It is a difficult process. The values, ​​that are built over a long period of time, must be carefully considered, and at the same time, you must further develop and build new ones.

We are now proud to present Bråtens fabrikker AS, Eskimo’s quality garments under the new brand name – Bråtens.

100% True story

No cheating, no shortcuts. Just 100% great wool, animal welfare, environmentally friendly cleaning and colouring and meticulous quality controls. In short, 100% great products.

100% Norwegian wool

Sheep in our harsh and breathtakingly beautiful nature grow soft, lustrous and extremely durable wool. Wool that makes chemicals unnecessary – and sweaters that will keep you warm for years.

100% Nature

In a country with dramatic nature and rapidly changing weather, only the best will do. Wool has protected sheep for thousands and thousands of years, through roaring storms and heavy snow. It’s the best material to keep us warm, nature’s own proven functional material.

100% Norway

Spending time in nature is really a part of the Norwegian culture. Ask any Norwegian – it’s a given part of our everyday lives. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we hope to inspire you to make it a given part of yours as well.

100% since 1955

We’ve been making wool clothes for a little over 60 years now, and we still sell the same Eskimosokk that we started out with. The same sock that the Danish and Swedish armies and the Greenland Sirius Dog Sled Patrol chose for staying alive and warm. Quite a quality sign.

100% Norway

From 100% Norwegian wool, we make sweaters, socks, hats and mittens. With traditional Norwegian patterns and colors, deep know-how and skill, we honor our heritage and pass it on to future generations.


Function by Bråtens

Functional clothing for an active lifestyle. Made from wool and mulesing free Merino wool, our thermal clothing keeps professionals and enthusiasts comfortable through cold temperatures and rapid weather changes.