Bråtens towards a sustainable future

We focus on creating sustainable products for our customers. For the last 10 years, there has been a very positive development when it comes to sustainable materials in our production and suppliers. In addition, we also place great emphasis on ensuring good working conditions at our production companies abroad. Companies, organisations and consumers have clear demands on transparency and fair conditions for employees involved in the value chain. This has contributed to changes in attitudes throughout the clothing industry. We are confident that openness, focus and sharing of business practices related to a cleaner industry is the key to a future that meets our needs without compromising climate and ethical commitments.

As a company, we have a commitment to take the lead in the green shift and therefore place high demands on sustainable solutions throughout our value chain. We are therefore proud to be able to deliver sustainable products of high quality.

Raw materials – quality with small footprints

Bråtens will supply wool clothing with specific heat properties of high quality. We depend on solid raw materials that we trust and which coincide with the requirements we set for sustainability. Based on this, it has been natural for us to use short-distance wool from Norway and Australian merino wool. These are two different wool qualities with different and unique properties.


Large parts of our collection are currently produced from 100% natural Norwegian wool. The Norwegian wool is known for its good heat properties, durability and elasticity. This is a result of the overall dynamic between the Nordic cool climate, animal welfare and the environmentally conscious finishing of wool.

Norwegian farm animals are among the healthiest in the world and live most of the year on open pasture with access to natural herbs, grass, heather, shrubs and clean mountain water. The Norwegian farmer knows that good conditions, low antibiotic use for the animals are important both for animal welfare and the quality of the wool.

Wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber. This, together with little use of chemicals and environmentally friendly finishing, makes Norwegian wool sustainable. All rinsing water in the washing process is recycled, and all detergents are biodegradable to avoid the use of toxic substances that affect the local environment. To use as much of the wool as possible, a minimum of 20% of the available wool fat is recycled. The wool fat is better known as lanolin and is often used in various ointments and creams.

All metal, all plastic and cardboard from packaging is recycled.


Merino wool is a very versatile material that is characterised by its good warmth, softness and breathability, even when moist.

The fibers in the wool can absorb large amounts of moisture, which keeps our skin dry.

Merino wool also has a temperature-regulating property that makes it a very suitable material for activity. Like Norwegian wool, merino wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber.

In recent years, there has been a lot of attention around a method called mulesing and the negative effects it has on the merino sheep. We strongly dissociates ourselves from this method and only deliver merino wool from sheep that are treated in a considerate manner.

100% Norway

From 100% Norwegian wool, we make sweaters, socks, hats and mittens. With traditional Norwegian patterns and colors, deep know-how and skill, we honor our heritage and pass it on to future generations.


Function by Bråtens

Functional clothing for an active lifestyle. Made from wool and mulesing free Merino wool, our thermal clothing keeps professionals and enthusiasts comfortable through cold temperatures and rapid weather changes.